Off The Record Research



What exactly is OTR Global and how do you make money?

OTR Global (OTR®) is a Registered Investment Adviser with the State of California. Our clients are institutional investors who manage mutual funds, pension funds and hedge funds. They use our research reports in their investment decision making process. Our clients purchase our research reports either by directly paying us or by commission payment to our affiliated Broker-Dealer.

Our research products are different from traditional Wall Street research in several ways. Our reports do not make buy, sell, or hold recommendations. Nor do we project target prices or earnings estimates as do traditional financial analysts. What makes us unique is the type of research we provide. We don't employ the traditional research model: talking to company management, surveying industry statistics and developing financials models. Instead, our investigative reporters provide an unbiased "marketplace read" by gathering information from customers, suppliers, vendors and business partners — the people who really know a company's products or services. This journalistic view of the industries, companies and products we follow is what makes the reports valuable to our industry sources, panel members and our institutional investor clients.

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Am I compensated for my time?

OTR Global does not financially compensate its sources. OTR will send you a copy of the research report in which you participated. Additionally, by staying in touch with your OTR Global reporter, you will be have a constant exchange of strategic information that can help you perform better by providing you current marketplace and industry knowledge.

How often will I be called for interviews?

Depending on the industry and topic, we generally conduct our studies anywhere from one to four times per year. If possible, we'd like to talk with you for each report we do; it helps us follow trends over time. However, we certainly understand that you sometimes may be too busy to talk to us. If that's the case, just let us know; our reporter will be happy to call you again for the next report.

How long will each interview take?

It depends on the study and on how much information you have to offer, but generally between 5 and 15 minutes. We'll make every effort to work around your schedule. If it's most convenient to talk to us before work or after hours, please let us know.

What types of questions will I be asked?

We'll generally ask you about both the state of the industry in general, and the companies we're most interested in. We're including you on our panel because of your industry expertise, and we're interested in what you see as the important industry trends and in your assessment of how they might affect the companies we're researching.

Examples of questions include: Is market demand up or down? Is one player gaining market share at the expense of others? Are certain products selling better than others? What is the cause of any industry changes?

You have no obligation to answer any or all of the questions we ask you. You should not answer any question you feel you should not and you should never provide OTR with any confidential or material, non public information.

What kind of information do you divulge about your sources? How can I be sure my identity will be protected?

OTR Global is fanatical about protecting the anonymity of its sources. We won't divulge your identity to others in your industry, to our clients or even to our company employees outside of the research arm. The anonymity of our sources ensures that OTR’s interaction with you results in unbiased, conflict-free information within our research reports.

Will my employer have any issues with my participation in your research?

It depends on your employer’s policies and practices. OTR Global does not want information from you if speaking with us would violate your employer’s policies or any other duty your may have. It is the responsibility of each source to ensure they are not violating their employer’s policies by speaking with OTR.

How long will I have to wait for a copy of a report?

Our reports generally take two to three weeks to research, and another week or so to edit and distribute. If you're one of the first people we interview, it might be a month before you see the results. If we talk to you late in the process, you could receive a copy as quickly as a week or two.

Can I distribute the report?

OTR's research is a unique service we provide to our clients, and we ask for your help in not diluting its value. You may show a few colleagues our reports, especially those who may wish to participate as sources, but we ask that you not distribute them widely. OTR's policy is that our reports may not be reproduced, quoted or relied upon, in whole or in part, without our written consent. OTR Global does not make its research available to the press.